Pre-Primary Section

In our school on Pre-primary level we teach students through different learning study based activities including Epl, sensorial using real material + prepared material for their better understanding, using soft board theory, story board show and tell for their language development, story tell for to enhance their listing, using their all five senses example their aesthetic sense, fine motor skills, gross motor skills. Doing indoor and outdoor activities for to keep student active, healthy and fresh. We are doing yoga and different exercises provide them a cool and friendly atmosphere in classes.

Primary Section (1-5)

In primary section student are able to write 12 crafts of creative writing give presentation on any giver topic. They also describe any picture with description, dialogue and prediction. They did story telling with change voices. Every student have to achieve their targets in reading, writing, listing, and speaking which are pasted in classes at the end of the year. In The Balance School, every teacher got training of two months then she is able to follow pattern of East Education.

Secondary Section

In class 6 students study from tabs instead of books. We are going to make students who are able to compete the international standard of education. In ELE, every student have their own username and password for studding from website. They study all courses from this website through videos, treat, real life example, activities, Projects, and Homework. All these activities develop interest and curiosity in every student to learn new way of student. They also read different novels of English and Urdu which make their understanding ability better and better day by day. At the end of their lesson, they able to summarize in own words.